General Details:


Education: M Tech

Years of Experience: 12 years


Subject Taught:

Sr. No Name of Subject Semester
1 Computer & Network Security(3350704) V
2 Microprocessor & Assembly Language Programming (3330705) III
3 Network Management &Administration(3360703) VI
4 Computer Organization &Architecture(3340705) IV




Sr. No Title of Paper Author Name of Conference/Journal Publication Year
1 Speed Optimized AES GCM N Rajitha,

Dr R Sridevi

Journal of Computer Science & Information Security Vol No 14 ISSN 1947-5500, 2016
2 Cryptographic Key Protection in a Cryptoprocessor N Rajitha,

Dr R Sridevi

Elsevier Procedia Computer Science 7878 ( 2016 ) 271 – 275 (Science Direct) December 2015
3 Implementations of Secure Reconfigurable CryptoprocessorA         Survey N Rajitha,

Dr R Sridevi

Springer AISC series page No 11-19 January 2016 ISBN         978-81-322-2753-3.
4 Cryptoprocessor Design Approaches for Secure Key Management N Rajitha,

Dr R Sridevi

International   Conference on Networks, Information and    Communications May 2015