Guidelines & Documents for Placement Cell

Guidelines for Placement

  • The role of T&P (Training & Placement) Cell is a facilitator for placement related activities. T&P does not guarantee a job.
  • Students will be informed about any campus drive through emails & their HODs will also be marked.
  • The Placement facility is available to all the students registered with T&P Cell through the policy ONE JOB TO ONE STUDENT AT THE FIRST INSTANCE. This will ensure that every student will get equal job opportunities and only few students do not consume up all the jobs.
  • Any student against whom show cause notice/warning letter have been issued will not be allowed to appear in campus Recruitment. The students are required to submit a certificate showing their academic performance as well as satisfactory conduct in the institute/hostel signed by all concerned department faculties &wardens to the faculty In-Charge Training & Placement for further consideration.
  • Participants should always carry 2 copies of resumes during interviews.
  • Any negative remark in this regard made by any faculty or warden against any student will make him/her ineligible for the entire campus placement process.
  • Besides, any student against whom more than one warning letter is issued will not be allowed to appear in campus interview.
  • All students must be in uniform and keep their identity card with them at the time of placement drive.
  • Selected participants need to submit a copy of their offer letter to Placement department to obtain NOC for joining.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to see the Placement notice and submit his/her resume to the student coordinators as per the deadline specified in the notice. No resume will be accepted after the deadline specified in the notice.
  • Student will be blacklisted if he /she will: –
    • The candidate submits his/her willingness to participate in any on-campus or off-campus placement recruitment drive and thereby fails to present himself/herself on the day of the placement talk (PPT).
    • Any kind of misbehaviour/complaints are reported by the company officials/T&P team Staff regarding the candidate.

Document & Registration form for Placement Cell

    • Registration form
    • NOC for pre-joining

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