The detailed information regarding the availability of adequate, well-equipped workshops along with machinery and equipment and technical manpower is furnished below.



Name of workshop No. of Students per setup (Batch Size) Name of the important equipment Weekly utilization status (all the courses for which the lab is utilized) Technical manpower support
Name of the technical staff Designation Qualification
1.     Fitting section 20 a.     Bench vices

b.     Hand vice, Machine vice

c.     Marking table.

d.     Surface plate.

e.     Angle plate.

f.      Universal scribing block.

g.     Fitting tables.

h.     Tri square.

i.      Combination set.

j.      V block with clamps.

k.     Set of needle files.

l.      Ball pane Hammer

m.    Pair of outside spring caliper

n.     Pair of Inside spring caliper 150 mm

o.     Vernier caliper.

p.     Micrometer

q.     outside & inside

r.      Bevel protractor

s.      Odd leg caliper

t.      Files

u.     One pair of divider

v.     Hacksaw frame with blade 12” * 300 mm

w.     punches

x.     chisel 20 mm

y.     Set of sorted twist drills, taps and dies (with holders/wrench).

z.     Set of spanners

1.     Set of screw drivers

2.     Scraping tool.

3.     Set of pliers.

4.     Filler and radius gauge

5.     Piller type Drill machine

6.     Tool  Grinding machine

7.     Pipe Vice

8.     Pipe Wrenches

9.     Pipe spanner

10.  Teflon Tap Set of Dies & Holders

11.  Pipe Cutter

8       hours  M. C. Bansode Workshop Instructor I.T.I. & N.C.T.V.T.
2.     Machine shop 15 a.      Lathe Machines

b.     Hacksaw Machine

c.     Surface Grinder

d.     Tool Grinder

e.     Shaping Machine

f.      Radial Drill Machine

g.     Tool & Cutter Grinder machine

h.     Planner Machine

i.      Milling Machine

j.      Slotting Machine

k.     Gear Hobing Machine

l.      Surface Plate

m.    Centre Drill

n.     Vernier Caliper

o.     Micro Meter

p.     V-Block

q.     Angle Plate

r.      Slip Gauge

8 hours Jignesh Patel Workshop Instructor B.E (Mech)
3.     Carpentary


20 (i)Carpentry tables.

(ii)Carpentry vices.

(iii)Bar cramp.

(iv)Plane machine-

small (“Randha machine”).

(v)Wood and metal

Jack planes 45 mm.

(vi)Set of sorted wooden jack planes.

(vii)Smoothing plane.

(viii)Rebate plane.

(ix)Cross cut saw.

(x)Compass saw.

(xi)Set of sorted saws.

(xii):Round hole saw

(xiii)Tenon saw 350 mm.

(xiv):Set of chisels-

Firmer, Dovetail, Paring, Mortise.

(xv):Adze tool

(xvi)Auger bit.

(xvii)Hand drill with set of sorted drill bits.


(xix):Small precision b



(xxi)Wood rasp file.

(xxii)Claw hammer.


(xxiv)Marking gage 150 mm.

(xxv):Steel rule 24”

(xxvi):Measuring Tape 300mm

(xxvii)C clamps.

(xxviii) Tri square.

(xxix) Right angle.

(xxx) Compass and divider.

(xxxi)Set of chisels.

(xxxii) Ball pane Hammer –

750 Gms.

(xxxiii)Hard wares-

nails, screws,etc.

(xxxiv)Set of screw drivers.

(xxxv)Wood work punches

(xxxvi)Set of Gouges

8 hours 1.K.Mukundan


Workshop Instructor

Workshop Instructor



4.     Tin Smithy Section 20 (i)Tin cutter.

(ii)Shearing machine

(iii)Set of sorted hammers and pallets.

(iv)Set of stakes

(v)Set of sorted scissors/snips.

(vi)Tin smithy tables.

(vii)Tin smithy vices.

(viii)Marking table.

(ix)Surface plate.

(x)Angle plate.

(xi)Marking gauge.

(xii)Tri square.

(xiii)Right angle.


(xv)Square block

(xvi)Set of chisels.



including drift



(xx)Sheet bending machine.


(xxii)Wire gauge.

(xxiii)Hand groover

(xxiv):Anvil and swage block

(xxv):Hollow mandrel

(xxvi):Flatters and cone

(xxvii):Set of Gauges

(xxviii): Hollow punch set

(xxix): Power Press

8 hours Raju Jacob Workshop Instructor I.T.I. 
5.     Welding


20 i):Arc welding transformers.

(ii):Spot welding machine with necessary

accessories, tools and consumables.

(iii)Welding cables.


(v)Electrode holders.

(vi)Ground clamps.

(vii)Chipping hammer.

(viii)Wire brush.


-acetylene cylinders pressure regulators


-hoses , trolley and accessories.

(x)Filler rods.

(xi)Solder filler material.

(xii)Flux for soldering.

(xiii)Soldering iron.

(xiv)Brazing/welding torch.

(xv):Try Square


tongs, chisels and anvil

(xvii):Screw Wrench

(xviii):Tip Cleaner

(xix)Swage block.

(xx):Personal Protective Equipment like safety gloves, face shield /screen

8 hours D .L .Tandel Workshop Instructor I.T.I. 
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