Regarding attendance in theory & practical classes,

Attention of all the students & their parents / guardians is hereby drawn to the relevant important rules & regulations of GTU.

  1. Students are required to have at least 75% attendance in the lectures of every subject and 100% performance in completion of all practicals & term-work.
  2. The students who fail to comply the requirements mentioned in (1) above will be detained and hence, not permitted to appear for GTU Examinations. Such students also stand to lose one whole year as they will have to seek readmission for the same semester in the succeeding year and repeat it.

The rules & regulations of attendance of GTU are binding.

We feel that it is our important duty to appraise the students and their parents / guardians about the necessity of having satisfactory attendance in theory & practical classes and the consequences thereof for non-attendance of these rules & regulations. We also take it as our responsibility to design systems by which the students who are not attending their theory & practical classes are punished.

If any student remains absent continuously for more than three days, he / she will not be allowed to attend lectures/practicals without permission from the Principal on the first three occasions in a semester.Further such occasions he/she will not be allowed to attend the lectures. / practicals without being accompanied by his /her parents/guardians. Such irregular students will be liable for disciplinary action taken by competent authority.

For us, as an institution, the environment and discipline in class & college is very important. The student being a vital component of the Education System- his/her irregularity adversely affects the performance of the system. Therefore, student will be solely responsible for their detention from GTU Examinations on account of his/ her less attendance in theory / practical classes and unsatisfactory performance in term work assignment, practicals, tutorials, and unit test(s) as the case may be.



  1. Mobile Phone is Strictly prohibited in the premises of Government Polytechnic, Daman.

Applicable to all bonafide students of the Polytechnic, for use of computing facilities at Polytechnic labs, students should strictly follow the following guidelines.

  • No student should try to install any software on any machine within the institute.
  • Access of Instagram & Facebook is punishable.
  • The institute machine is public machine & using it of confidential online transactions is an offence.
  • Use of pen drives that may tamper important data in machine is an offence.
  • Only safe, secure, authentic & trusted web sites should be accessed.

The Polytechnic will issue a Smart Identity Card to every bonafide student. It is mandatory for the students to prominently display the I-Card while they are in the college campus.


All students are properly dressed, which is mark of respect to the august place of learning. Any violation will be considered as an act of indiscipline. Students will be advised about formal and dress code from time to time. Wearing of any sort of cap or dressing which indicate one’s religion is strictly prohibited in polytechnic.

  • Self- Discipline is the best discipline. All students are expected to observe rules and regulations currently in force to enable the smooth working of the Polytechnic.
  • In the premises of the Polytechnic, every student must be in clean uniform with prominent display of identity card.
  • Every student must attend all lectures, practical, term work and examinations conducted by the polytechnic.
  • As per GTU norms, the students appearing for the final examinations should satisfy at least 75% attendance in respective theory lectures, and 100% in practical’s and term work.
  • Absence of student on valid grounds at lectures / practicals / term work / examinations must be communicated to the Polytechnic authorities immediately in writing , with the necessary supporting documents viz. medical certificate etc.
  • During the conduct of lectures / practicals / term work student should not loiter in and around the Polytechnic premises.
  • Students should observe proper decorum in the classes and should take utmost care not to disturb the working of his /her own class as well as other classes.
  • Any student disturbing classroom discipline will be suspended from the class with immediate effect and is required to give an undertaking regarding his /her good behaviour in future. If the same misbehaviour is repeated, the student may be expelled from the Polytechnic.
  • Every student should take utmost care of the Polytechnic properly and try to keep the Polytechnic and its premises neat, clean and tidy. Any intentional damage done to the Polytechnic building, furniture and equipment by the students shall be treated as breach of discipline and the students will be severely punished. To avoid shame and embarrassment, students should refrain from such acts.
  • Students should not wear valuable ornaments or carry electronic gadgets including mobile phones etc.
  • Students are requested to take care of their personal belongings such as calculator, journals, files, books, notes etc. The Polytechnic Authorities will not be held responsible for the loss.
  • Every student must preserve original fee receipt (Student Copy), Identity Card and Library Card. Loss of the same has to be duly reported to the concerned authorities.
  • Students are expected to check up notices being displayed on the respective Notice Boards and College website from time to time.
  • The students should not use unfair means or any sort of malpractices during examinations conducted either by Polytechnic or by GTU. Student, if caught by the supervisor or by examination squad will be liable to strict action, to the extent of being debarred form the examinations.
  • The students should not collect any fund from other students or from outsiders without nay written permission from the Principal.
  • Students should not organize on their own picnic, excursion etc. without prior written permission of the Principal.
  • The students should not form any society, committee and organization in the Polytechnic without the sanction of the authorities.
  • Students should not invite outsider to address any meeting or to participate in any Polytechnic activities without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Industrial visits and educational tours, as and when arranged by the college, are compulsory for every student. The students shall have to bear the full cost of such visit / Tour.
  • College authorities, under no circumstances shall accept any liability in respect of an accident, which a student may meet with during his / her stay in the college or an educational visit. The students are therefore, cautioned to conduct themselves in a reasonably careful way whenever they are.
  • AICTE &U.T. Administration of Daman & Diu has notified ‘Ragging’ as a cognizable offence. Any one reported to be involved in any form of ragging will be severely dealt with. Therefore, students are required to refrain from indulging in any form of ragging and students should report the incidences of eve teasing Ragging or Harassment by fellow students to the class teacher / HOD / Principal for immediate actions.
  • Use of Tobacco, alcohol and smoking within the Polytechnic Premises is strictly prohibited.



  • In order to maintain discipline in hostel campus and smooth administration the students are informed to follow the following hostel rules.
  • The students have to stay in their allotted rooms only.
  • Admissions are on first come first serve basis.
  • Guests are not allowed to stay in the hostel without prior written permission from the hostel authorities.
  • No outsider is allowed to stay in the hostel. Any unauthorized stay in the hostel is liable for punishment.
  • To organize any function in the hostel campus, the student should take prior written permission from the hostel authorities. (Holi, New Year, Birthdays etc.)
  • Students are not allowed to keep / use any electrical appliances. Heaters are not allowed in the hostel. If found he /she will be rusticate from hostel.
  • Students are not supposed to leave the hostel campus without prior written permission of rector. Students should not enter others room during 10:30 pm to 6 am.
  • Boys hostelitiesshould be inside the hostel campus before 7.30 p.m.
  • Playing in the hostel corridor or nearby is strictly prohibited, playing any music or creating any sort of noise that will disturb the peace of others is strictly prohibited.
  • Writing & spitting on the walls and doors of the hostel is strictly prohibited. Rooms, Corridors should be maintained neat & tidy. Any uncleanliness will not be tolerated. If found itwill be repainted at their cost from all the room mates.
  • No posters are to be pasted on the walls of the hostel/rooms/doors likewise no painting, drawing on the walls/doors is allowed.
  • No smoking, no Alcoholic Drinking, No Gambling, No Tobacco Chewing, Not Intake of Banned Drugs is allowed in the campus. If found in any room all the room members will be rusticated.
  • Students are not allowed to keep any weapons with them.
  • No students shall undertake any repair or any damage to the room fittings / furniture or to carry out any alterations there in.
  • No student shall involve in the theft cases.
  • Ragging is cognizable offence, which can be registered as police complaint, if any student is found to be indulging in ragging,he will be expelled from the hostel and may be rusticated from the institute.
  • The students are informed not to waste water & electricity. They are requested to put off electrical switches and taps when they are not in use.
  • A resident student must leave the hostel and give vacant possession of the room to the hostel authorities within three days after the completion of the academic year or GTU examinations whichever is later. Under no circumstances he / she will be allowed to extend his / her stay in the hostel after above period.
  • All hostelities must use the usual roads for movement. An act of jumping across the compound walls liable for punishment.
  • No hostelities would leave the premises without the proper permission from the competent authority failing which he / she is liable for removal from the hostel without refund of fee.
  • The students residing in hostel should take care of their own belongings. The institute will not be responsible for any damage or loss of their personal possessions.


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