A Report On Parent-Teacher Meeting (Mech. Dept.) (18/09/2020)

Department Mechanical Engineering

 A Report On Parent-Teacher Meeting


The department of Mechanical Engineering has arranged an online Parents-Teachers Meeting on 18/09/2020 (Friday) on Google Meet.

 Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Interaction between parents and teachers for creating healthy teaching-learning environment.
  2. To refresh rules and regulations of GTU.
  3. To inform parents regarding Detain Rules and Attendance Rules.
  4. To check and improve academic performance of students.
  5. To improve result of students by taking various actions.
  6. Feedback will be given by parents.

Attendance of meeting:

In said meeting HoD sir and all teaching faculties were present to welcome and address all the parents who joined the meeting. Following are the details of parents who joined and discussed about their wards in the meeting.

Sr. No. Semester No. of parents present
01 3rd sem 20
02 5th sem 18
                                            TOTAL 38


Highlights of Meeting:

  1. Parents are familiar with GTU rules.
  2. Parents have checked attendance and academic performance of their ward.
  3. Contact numbers and email id of all department faculties are provided to parents for better communication.
  4. Some parents raised the issue of low internet connectivity in their area due to which the students facing difficulties in attending online classes.
  5. Career Guidance Seminar for diploma engineering students will be arranged in future.



Images of PTM:

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